Indian spice and international flavour in commentary team

By Express News Service – CHENNAI
Published: 09th November 2013 04:33 AM
Last Updated: 09th November 2013 04:35 AM

For the first time ever, India is set to telecast live the World Chess Championship in its entirety and the commentary team is all set to regale the viewers with exciting tales about the player and his background, apart from the happenings on the board. Since chess is not as spectator friendly as cricket or football, the idea would be to ensure that general viewers understand the sport as well as chess players do.

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In a deviation from the earlier plan, there will be an Indian connection along with the international flavour as GM Susan Polgar and IM Lawrence Trent will be joined by GM RB Ramesh and Tania Sachdev. Tania said that they had planned a balance so that one of the Indian commentators would be sharing the microphone with the foreign commentator. “We expect that the biggest viewership will come from the online telecast. Two would be doing commentary at a time and then we would be rotated as matches could go on for longer than six hours.”

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Susan, who has already commentated on some of the major Grand Slam events, was of the opinion that the commentary and analysis would be more focussed on the general viewer rather than experienced chess players. “There are computer engines like Houdini and Rybka which can help the advanced players,” she said.

For now, Indian and global viewers are set to be enthralled by the analysis of the commentary team.


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