New Bloomington Normal Area Chess Club press release


After months of planning we have arranged a Scholastic Chess Tournament with Vladimir, our sister city in Russia.

There are around 500 children in the Vladimir program. They have a number of distinguished trainers, including two International Masters and one Grandmaster.

Ten Bloomington/Normal students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades will play one or two games with their Russian counterparts. The American students have previously played in dozens of chess tournaments and have taken lessons for three to six years. (See attachment for information about these students.)

Chess is very popular in the Bloomington/Normal area. Some 1000 students from 23 schools are currently learning to play chess. Over 800 students are expected to compete this March in the state championship, which will be hosted by the nonprofit Bloomington Normal Area Scholastic Chess (

The Vladimir matches will take place on Saturday, January 17th, beginning at 9 A.M. The event, which will be played via the Internet, will be held at Colley’s Chess Café in downtown Bloomington, at 320 North Main.

We hope to have this event covered in the following way:
Internationally on Chessbase News.
Nationally by U.S. Chess Federation’s monthly magazine, Chess Life.
At the state level via the Illinois Chess Association’s monthly magazine, Illinois Chess Bulletin.
Locally by TV, Radio, and Newspapers.

Colley’s Chess Café is dedicated to teaching, playing, and promoting chess for adults and children alike. We are using an innovated and extensive chess curriculum to teach. The café is furnished with the nicest hardwood chess bar, boards, and sets (House of Staunton) available in the world. I hope you help us cover this amazing event.


Colley Kitson
FIDE Instructor
Owner of Colley’s Chess Café:

Mikhail Korenman helped made all the connections with the Russian side to make this event possible including setting up playing zone. Well done everyone!

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