Is Microsoft Dumping Vista?
by Terrence O’Brien, posted Jan 8th 2009 at 1:36PM

Windows 7

– Faster boot time and performance.
– An improved task bar that is a little reminiscent of the OS X dock at the bottom of the desktop screen.
– Jumplists — which reveal recently opened documents, Web pages, and common tasks when you right click on an app in the task bar.
– Improved networking, which will make setting up streaming media between devices simpler. It will also let you tell one computer to stream media from another computer to a third device like an Xbox or a Roku
– Windows 7 will also get a public beta, starting January 9, so consumers will be able to try out the new operating system. This a first for any Microsoft OS.

Window Live Services

– Partnership with Facebook that will sync LiveSpaces accounts with Facebook accounts, making Microsoft’s social networking site more relevant!
– Useful search side bar in Live Hotmail that minimizes the need for switching tabs.
– Live Messenger is adding dynamic buddy icons that update according to the emoticons you use.

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