(left to right) – Fabio Magini, joiurnalist of NET, riddles (puzzle, crosswords, etc) weekly magazine.- GM Fabiano Caruana – Simone Battaggia, journalist of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ the main sport daily newspaper in Italy – the two journalists were winners of the Premio Zichichi 2010 (articles published in 2009) award.

Quick update by Adolivio from Italy

After 8 rounds, GM Caruana succeeded in catching the leaders at the 70th Italian Championship, held in Siena, the nice and historical town of Tuscany.

Today Caruana won while GM Garcia-Palermo and IM Denis Rombaldoni (both with black) made draw, so these three players now are leading with 6 points. Fourth with 5 points is IM D’Amore.

The 12 players, round robin Italian Championship will end on Dec 4th.

Games, results etc on www.federscacchi.it/cia2010

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Adolivio (Italian Chess Federation) for his wonderful hospitality. He took his time to show me around in Milan and organized a special lunch in my honor when I recently was in Milan for the 21min conference.

Round 8 results

Caruana, Fabiano – Dvirnyy, Daniyyl 1-0
D’Amore, Carlo – Garcia Palermo, Carlos ½
Godena, Michele – Rombaldoni, Axel 1-0
Bonafede, Alessandro – Brunello, Sabino 0-1
Ortega, Lexy – Rombaldoni, Denis ½
Genocchio, Daniele – Piscopo, Pierluigi 0-1

Standings after 8 rounds

1-3. Caruana, Fabiano g ITA 2709 6
1-3. Rombaldoni, Denis m ITA 2494 6
1-3. Garcia Palermo, Carlos g ITA 2465 6
4. D’Amore, Carlo m ITA 2485 5
5. Piscopo, Pierluigi m ITA 2399
6. Godena, Michele g ITA 2549 4
7-8. Genocchio, Daniele m ITA 2433
7-8. Brunello, Sabino m ITA 2544
9-10. Ortega, Lexy g ITA 2480 3
9-10. Dvirnyy, Daniyyl m ITA 2492 3
11. Bonafede, Alessandro f ITA 2310 2
12. Rombaldoni, Axel m ITA 2471

Official website: www.federscacchi.it/cia2010

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