Iturrizaga Wins Corus Satellite Qualifier!

Congratulations to the young Venezuelan GM Eduardo Iturrizaga, who beat Brazilian GM Alexander Fier to win the Corus ‘C’ Group satellite qualifier hosted on the Internet Chess Club.

Iturrizaga, 19, won 3-1 in the blitz tiebreakers after two tough draws in the rapid matches, to take the top prize of the Corus C Group invite, round-trip ticket to Amsterdam, Hotel & Breakfast in Wijk aan Zee, plus $1300 appearance fee.

The result of a place in the famous Corus tournament is a dream come true for the young three-time Venezuelan champion, who is a national hero being his country’s one and only grandmaster. It also comes on the back of some promising results during the summer for Iturrizaga, who was runner-up (behind Peruvian GM Julio Granada Zuniga) in the 2008 Iberamerican Championship before going on to win the Central America & Caribbean Fide Sub-Zonal.

16-players – selected by Corus, in consultation with ICC – from around the globe originally fought it out in this unique online rapid knockout tournament. And to ensure fair-play for all, at each location and for each match, an independent “proctor” was in place to oversee the proceedings, many of whom being national chess officials, international arbiters, national arbiters and ICC administrators.
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