Five past champions in chess last eight 
Published: Friday | February 15, 2013 

Claire Clarke, Contributor
Volume 2, No. 9

Five FORMER all-island champions remain as the final eight teams in the rural and urban high-school chess tournaments are set to do battle this weekend following the results from the quarter-final games played last weekend.

Campion College A, Campion College C, Kingston College A and Camperdown A make up the mighty four in the urban section. St Jago High A, St Catherine High A, Titchfield High and Glenmuir High A are the top four from the rural section. Past all-island champions include St Jago, current defending champions Campion College (most crowned all-island champion), Kingston College, Glenmuir and Camperdown.

In the rural section, there were almost total blowout victories as the top teams surged into the semi-finals. Defending rural and all-island champions St Jago A registered a 4-0 victory over St Catherine B; St Catherine A went past St Jago C 4-0; Glenmuir A beat Glenmuir B 4-0; and in the west versus east matchup, Titchfield beat Manning’s B 3-1.

In the urban section, the victories were not as potent. Campion A defeated Jamaica College 3-1, Campion C beat Wolmer’s Boys 4-0, Camperdown A defeated Kingston College B 3-1, and Kingston College versus Campion College B ended in a tie which was won in play-off by Kingston College.

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