Pavel Matocha and Bessel Kok withdraw from organising the Karlovy Vary Grand Prix tournament
the reasons are the withdraw of Magnus Carlsen and the changing World Championship cycle rules
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Viktor Novotny has just reported for that the 6th Grand Prix tournament might not take place. Pavel Matocha from the Prague chess society has announced that he and Bessel Kok withdraw from organizing the event. The main reasons stated is the withdraw of Magnus Carlsen and th changing rules during the cycle.

The 6th Grand Prix tournament was scheduled to take place in Karlovy Var, however, there were indications dating back from the Chess Olympiad that the event will probably not be played.

The cancellation of the tournament will have a direct impact on one of the Czech chess stars – GM David Navara. He was the invited player from the organizers and will not be allowed to participate further in the events. This is not a good news for GM Navara, who starts playing on Saturday in the Corus Chess tournament.


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