World champion is special guest at world-class chess event in the Bahamas
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 09:20

NASSAU, Bahamas — Chess legend Anatoly Karpov was the special guest in Nassau for the Caribbean Sub Zonal Chess Championship, an event that Minister of Tourism and Aviation Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace said fulfilled all the criteria for gaining the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

Minister Vanderpool-Wallace pointed out that the championship brought travel business to the country as it drew competitors from 10 countries. In addition, he said, it provided promotional opportunities and advanced the Bahamas socially.

The tournament was the perfect example that The Islands Of The Bahamas is an excellent venue for events of every kind, Minister Vanderpool-Wallace said.

“We will work with any organization that is involved with bringing groups of people to The Bahamas for whatever reason because we believe we have the best atmosphere for you to do anything, including chess,” he said. “So that is why it is so easy for us to agree to do these things.”

Mr. Karpov, a Russian chess grandmaster and former world champion, sought Minister Vanderpool-Wallace’s support in lobbying the Bahamian Minister of Education for an official chess program in schools. He pointed out that FIDE, the international governing body for chess, had opportunities to teach chess to children around the world.

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