Kindergartners learn to love chess
By Sue Kiesewetter • Enquirer contributor • December 5, 2010

FAIRFIELD – When 5-year-old Granya Schalnat sits in front of a chess board at the Fairfield Kindergarten Center, she has one objective: capture her opponent’s queen or king.

“I like it when I capture the queen because it gives me nine points,” Granya said. “If I capture the king it gives me 50 hundred points and I win.”

Granya and nine of her classmates gather every Thursday after school to play chess in the school’s 3-month-old chess club. The children learned what moves each piece could make through a series of games.

“We introduced the game one piece at a time,” said Ria Schalnat, Granya’s mother and the group’s instructor, with her husband, Guy.

“We started with the king and the pawns on the board. The goal was to very easily get them to understand how specific pieces move.”

After a brief review of the pieces, the 5- and 6-year- olds play one another during the 30-minute club.

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