Quang Liem crowned at Inter-American Universities Championship

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese chess player had the best record in table one (tied for 1st with Zherebukh, Corrales, etc.) and helped the chess team of the Webster University won the championship of the prestigious annual tournament, which closed on December 30.

The Inter-American Universities Chess Tournament attracted 42 teams from more than 20 universities of the United States and Canada, with dozens of International Grandmasters, which made the tournament no less inferior to the American chess championships. The Webster University team had very famous chessmen like Le Quang Liem, Wesley So, Georg Meier and Ray Robson.

Thanks to these players, the Webster University – team A won the first five games before facing Texas-Brownsville team A in the final round.

Quang Liem, playing in table 1 – tied with Kovalyov (Elo 2617) while his teammates – Wesley So, Geord Meier and Ray Robson all won so Webster team A won for 3.5-0.5.

With six wins, Webster team A became the champion of the Inter-American Universities Tournament 2013, with one point more than the two teams behind – Baltimore – A and Illinois – A.

Quang Liem won four games over Curtis A Winter (Elo 1972), Michael Lee (2387), Niclas Huschenbeth (2537), Leonid Kritz (2604) and tied with Yaroslav Zherebukh (2614) and Kovalyov (2617) so he topped table one.

This achievement helped Quang Liem’s ELO up by six points after the tournament. Liem’s teammates – Wesley So and Ray Robson – also topped tables 3 and 4 with six wins.

Quang Dung

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