Leiden Chess Tournament 2008

20.07.2008 The second Leiden Chess Tournament (a 9 rounds Swiss Open, first prize in the main group 2000 euro) took place 11-20 July 2008 in Leiden (Netherlands). The main group (Group A), for players with Elo > 1850, attracted 84 participants including 7 GMs and 4 IMs. The tournament was won by Roeland Pruijssers. IM Roeland Pruijssers and GM Erik Van Den Doel, both from the Netherlands, finished with 7.0 points, but the Dutch IM had a better Buchholz score.

Five players finished with 6.5 points: GM Milos Pavlovic, GM Csaba Horvath, FM Fred Slingerland, GM Mikhail Golubev and GM Lev Gutman. Guido Bakker won the second group (Group B), for players with Elo < 1900; the group attracted 57 participants. The tournament was organized by Stichting Denksportpromotie Nederland. The sponsors of the event were amongst others: the H.L. Druckerfonds and the Stichting Kasteel Oud Poelgeest. Playing venue was the Leiden Denksportcentrum (Mind Games Center Leiden). Photo impression of round 8, 19 July. Leiden Chess Tournament website: http://www.leidenchess.nl/
Schakers.info: http://www.schakers.info/
Games: http://www.leidenchess.nl/games/LCT-08.pgn

Photo and report by Frits Agterdenbos of http://www.chessvista.com/.

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