To: FIDE Executive Director Mr. Nigel Freeman

Greetings from Saudi,

We thank our friends all over the world who showed concern regarding Chess in Saudi. It is worth to mention here that, in general, and for us as Muslims, all sports can fall into being religiously illegal once it involve gambling,directing players from religious practice (prayers, etc.) and of course if they lead to creating haltered between players .

Saudi Chess Association (SCA), is officially recognized by the Saudi Olympic Committee and is a full member of FIDE , Asian Chess Federation as well as Arab Chess Federation.  Many local events and seminars are being organized and run as scheduled in all the cities of the Kingdom  with increasing number of participants from all ages. Also, SCA is scheduled to take part, once again, in the next World Chess Olympiad as well as other regional and international FIDE events.

More , Saudi Chess Association is currently in the last stages of implementing the Chess in Schools program aiming to widen the grass-roots in exploring the local chess talents.

Many thanks and best regards,

Yaser Al Otaibi
General Secretary

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