Anand v Carlsen in Kristiansund

Breaking news: In August next year Magnus Carlsen will play a rapid match against World Champion Vishy Anand in Kristiansund in Norway. The match will be part of a larger chess festival, with an open weekend tournament at the same time.

Kristiansund is another Norwegian city where chess life is blossoming. The local chess club, led by the very dynamic Aage Sivertsen, spends much time, energy and money on both the elite, hobby players, and children, in order to make Kristiansund one of the leading chess cities in Norway. This year the club’s team qualified for the top division of the Norwegian league. The team is led by Senior World Champion Mihail Suba and Sweden’s great talent Nils Grandelius, and will be a serious contender for the Norwegian team championship next year.

Kristiansund recently hosted a large open weekend tournament, with several strong Grandmasters competing for the first price of 10 000 NOK. Among them were Swedish top player Tiger Hillarp Persson, Bulgarian Grandmaster Vladimir Georgiev and Norwegian GMs Leif E. Johannessen and Leif Øgaard. The tournament was won by Hillarp Persson and Georgiev, who both scored a perfect 5 points. Complete results here.

Next year this tournament will coincide with the Carlsen – Anand match, and the organizers expect even more and stronger players.


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