Mark Crowther of TWIC just offered his oppinion about the Topalov – Kamsky saga:

Topalov – Kamsky match awarded to Bulgaria

FIDE have given everyone involved until 14 November 2008 to agree to hold the match with a prize fund of 250,000 USD (an increase) plus 50,000 USD as contribution to FIDE in Bulgaria. The dates will remain 29th November – 12th December 2008 after a bid from Lviv organised by Kamsky’s manager Alexander Chernenko fell through.

If the Bulgarian Chess Federation can’t raise this money then bid for the match will reopen. If Topalov refuses to play then Kamsky goes through to play world champion Anand, if Kamsky refuses then he will be replaced by Shirov.

Although its really not ideal at all that Topalov has home advantage I believe Kamsky has to sign up for this, through his manager he’s had his chance for a better and more lucrative solution. I don’t believe FIDE had any choice either.

I have a general rule of not covering these kind of negotiations these days. So much of what is said and announced is just wrong. But this has some kind of air of finality about it, and about time too.

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