Media made up narratives

I kept hearing in recent years about media bias and dishonesty. I never really paid attention to it until today. All these articles from major media sources either got the facts wrong or simply completely made up!

The bottom line is simple. No one from FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess, including me, has made ANY comment to endorse the venue or the regime. In fact, I specifically said “If any player has a problem with it, she can and should voice her opinion to the Commission for Women’s Chess or FIDE and we can address it in our next meeting.” So far, Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) has NOT received any official complaint from any of the 64 participants.

But that did not stop the media and tons of clueless people on social media to chime in and insult members of the Women’s Commission, and the organizers. And people wonder why there are wars and conflicts all over the world. People do not even take time to read the facts before shooting their mouths off. Disgusting! Here are just some samples of completely made up stuff:

“Meanwhile, FIDE’s Commission for Women’s Chess has urged participants to accept the hijab regulations in respect of “cultural differences.”  – Completely false!

“American Grandmaster Susan Polgar, chairman of Fide’s Commission for Women’s Chess, has said the players need to respect ‘cultural differences’.” – Completely false!

“In what can be described as a shocking reaction, FIDE’s Commission for Women’s Chess has asked chess players to respect the culture of the land.” – Completely false!

“Fide’s Commission for Women’s Chess, meanwhile, called on participants to respect “cultural differences” and accept the regulations.” – Completely false!

“Chess Governing Body to Female Grand Masters: Wear the Hijab or Else” – Who said this? No one!

“Women competitors must wear hijabs at chess world championship, oddly awarded to Iran”

“Fide held a smaller Grand Prix event in Iran earlier this year where female players were required to wear the hijab. The Telegraph understands several players were left angry about having to use the scarf.” – Not a single person made any official complaint before, during, or after the event.








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