Baku World Cup 2015

FIDE World Chess Cup: SP Sethuraman Shines

After a victory in the first round, Indian GM SP Sethuraman won the second round with ease at the FIDE World Chess Cup. His Russian opponent Sanan Sjugirov failed to pick a point during the inaugural round as the Indian GM booked his spot in the final 64 at the tournament.

SP Sethuraman and P Harikrishna enter round of 64

SP Sethuraman played with white pieces in the second round, attacked his opponent sharply as he got his pawns into dangerous positions early. The game hung in the balance, but a move from the Russian let SP Sethuraman get his pawn almost promoted in the 25th move.

Sethuraman was a pawn down at the point, however from that point onward Sjugirov struggled to make the difference count as he succumbed to the pressure from the Indian and resigned in the 33rd move.

On the other hand, Harikrishna had a tough outing against Max Illingworth of Australia but managed to qualify and progress further in the tournament.

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