Morozevich drops out of the FIDE Grand Prix

World number four, Alexander Morozevichw in a new interview with Sport-Express, told chess observer Yury Vasilyev that he refuses to
participate in the FIDE Grand Prix. Alexander, in particular, said: “The cycle would last almost four years. In 2008 we begin to qualify for the 2011 world championship match. Even at the time of the Botvinnik versus Smyslov rivalship it was not like that”.

[Translation by GM Mikhail Golubev]

Morozevich felt that it would have been wrong to agree to participate in four tournaments without knowing clearly all the specifics such as dates and venues. He also said that he preserves the possibility to fight for the title through the FIDE world cup. Morozevich said that, as far as he knows, Anand, Kramnik and Topalov have also refused to play in the Grand Prix. But anyway his decision was not influenced by the opinions of anyone else.


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