The best at chess play hard
TOURNAMENT: A Devore elementary school activity has given kids confidence and the drive to compete.

10:00 PM PST on Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Press-Enterprise – Riverside, CA, USA

Students played chess with parents, school employees and area residents last Friday during the fifth annual Community Chess Tournament at Kimbark Elementary School in Devore.

Thirty-two of the school’s student players who won grade-level tournaments played against the adults, school Principal Karen Hoag said.

Joshua Powell, 9, of San Bernardino, placed fourth in the tournament.

“(It) felt really great,” Joshua said. “I felt like — like Americans (who) got the gold medal in Beijing — kind of like that … my mom and dad were really proud.”

Joshua won a gift certificate to an online chess store but traded prizes with second-place winner William Myers, the school’s computer technology teacher, for a set of wooden board games.

He said his favorite part was the awards ceremony.

“It’s like — they’re giving you an award for special achievement,” the fourth-grader said.

Hoag said the tournaments were started by retired special education teacher Bill Sinnigen.

She said he was hired to work with at-risk children who are having difficulty with social skills.

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