Fischer expresses fatherly love for daughter
June 19, 2010, 9:40pm

Marilyn Young and her daughter Jinky live in a three-bedroom, two story house located in an upscale neighborhood in Davao City which they claim was bought by the late chess legend Bobby Fischer.

Fischer made a down payment in 2002 and wired money to complete the monthly amortization in 2005, according to Marilyn who is originally from Cotabato City.

The revelation came as a surprise even to his lawyer Sammy Estimo who is handling Young’s bid to secure Fischer’s huge estate estimated over P140 million.

“I was not aware of that,” Estimo admitted. “The new information will strengthen our case and will be presented as part of secondary evidence.”

The apparent oversight could be attributed to Young’s reluctance to share information.

In fact, when the question was first asked, her first reaction was: “Kailangan pa ba ‘yun?”

Not used to the limelight, Young pleaded not to be interviewed in person or their photograph taken, for which, Estimo begged for understanding.

“Marilyn is a simple and extremely shy person. She’s not used to talking to strangers and doesn’t offer anything unless asked,” Estimo said.

On Wednesday, the Icelandic Supreme Court allowed the exhumation of Fischer’s body for paternity test to determine if Jinky is indeed his biological daughter.

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