Newbie Chess

iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Learn how to play Chess or improve your game with a fun, hands-on approach. Attack lines, hazard indicators, score explanation, and many more graphical effects make it easy for new players to understand game rules and tactics. Interactive books by Chess luminaries guide you from beginner to master; two books are built in, and more are available for download.

Computer players designed to always challenge the player without being too difficult make learning the game fun, as it should be. With two human players, either (or both) can use a time limit to even the game, while keeping it challenging for both players.

Also, two game variants (the Pawn Game and Chess960) are included; these variants in particular are often used by Chess coaches to help students achieve mastery of Chess. Other features include:

• Unlimited Undo (which may be turned off for serious players)
• Attack lines showing which squares are threatened or protected
• Hazard indicators showing threat level for each piece
• Configurable time limits for one or both players
• Legal-moves indicator to help beginners understand movement rules
• Visible “castle flags” showing which rooks can castle
• Last-move indicator
• Piece names and point values
• Four AIs of varying difficulty
• Interactive Chess book reader
• For zero to two players

Newbie Chess has been enjoyed by adults as well as kids as young as five, and is a great way for parents to introduce their children to the game.

Whether you’ve never played before, or you just want to improve your game, you will hone your skills and have a blast with Newbie Chess.

Version 2.0 of Newbie Chess has just been released, and sports an important new feature: interactive “Smart Books” by famous authors like Dana Mackenzie, Bruce Pandolfini, and Emanuel Lasker. Two books are included for free with the app, and others are available for purchase. Every diagram comes to life as an interactive chess board, allowing you to step through the main or alternate lines of play, or even experiment with the pieces yourself. This helps you absorb the author’s points more quickly and thoroughly than ever before. Newbie Chess is not just for newbies anymore! To learn more, visit:

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