Rising Stars vs. Experience
NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Dam 9 Amsterdam


The NH Chess Tournament, organized by NH Hoteles in close cooperation with Association Max Euwe, Monaco, is a ‘Scheveningen’ team tournament between an ‘Experience’ team and a ‘Rising Stars’ team.

All members of each team play all members of the other team twice, once with the white pieces and once with the black pieces.

The ‘Experience’ team consists of Boris Gelfand (Israel), Peter Svidler (Russia), Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark), Loek van Wely (The Netherlands) and Ljubomir Ljubojevic (Serbia).

The ‘Rising Stars’ are Hikaru Nakamura (United States), Fabiano Caruana (Italy), Wesley So (The Philippines), Anish Giri (The Netherlands) and David Howell (England).

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