13-year-old in no rush to grow up

Some kids just can’t wait to be older. Don’t count Ashley Roth among them. As Sunday night rolled over into this morning, Ashley reached a milestone coveted by so many children — she turned 13, the big one-three, a full-fledged teenager at last. As it turns out, she isn’t too impressed with being one of Staunton’s newest teens.

“I don’t want to be grown up,” she said. “It seems kind of overwhelming in a way. I’d rather be a kid all my life than work and grow up.”

The soon-to-be seventh grader is an honor student at Shelburne Middle School. An avid chess player since the third grade, Ashley also is the only girl in the school’s chess club. “It really stinks because the guys are all crazy and weird,” she said with a laugh.

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