With reigning World Champion being a Norwegian, Norway has begun to favor chess more and more. As a result, Norway team showed motivation and took 5th place in open section of 42nd Olympiad in Baku.

All being said, Norway has been pretty active in past few years and with Magnus movie premiere in past month, people in Norway are quite interested in chess and they do follow and show their support; so chess can be seen as a “fever”.

Oslo chess festival is another one of these opportunities for foreign players-and especially locals- which is starting on 30th September until 7th October. It’s an open Swiss tournament with no rating limit, all players in one tournament 9 rounds.

You can see the full regulation here.

With a prize fund of 120000 Norwegian krone (1 NOK = 0.107884 EUR), you can see some nice names in the participation list such as GM Igor Kovalenko (Latvia),GM Alexander Moiseenko and GM Alexander Zubov (Ukraine), Norwegian youngster GM Aryan Tari and the list goes on and on.

More information about playing venue, participation list, rapid and blitz tournament being held aside main event, playing schedule, sponsors, accommodation etc on main website: http://www.oslochessfestival.no/

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Contact organizer: chess@nordquelle.no

By IM/WGM Dorsa Derakhshani

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