Check Mates: Park Place Chess Club invites all to come and learn the game

By Richard Tambling
Journal Inquirer
Published: Friday, March 27, 2009 2:09 PM EDT
The Park Place Chess Club’s members, and particularly its founder, Charles Wright, find the game irresistible.

And they strongly believe that others, even those who don’t know a rook from a pawn, will, too.

For seven years, the group’s dedicated members have eagerly been teaching any and all newcomers at schools and club meetings as well as walk-in individuals the game’s fundamentals as well as accepting new members at all levels of proficiency.

In June 2002, the club got its start at Cornerstone Community Center, which offers the public a wide variety of activities in the downtown Rockville section of Vernon.

“We’re extremely grateful to Cornerstone Foundation Executive Director Helen Syriac, who helped us get started,” says Wright, who also thanks the Cornerstone staff, Larry Meehan of Bev’s Corner Drop-In Center, and countless others for assisting the club.

Wright, who works at Rein’s Deli, was born and raised in Rockville and has been playing chess since 1963, when his cousin, Bobby Nevins, who was president of the chess club at Sykes Jr. High, taught him the basic moves.

Except for three years in the Army, he reckons he’s played chess just about every day.

The Park Place Chess Club meets every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Vernon Senior Center, and the door is always open to those of all ages who want to join or just to learn how to play.

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