It is set to launch on April 1, 2009 online and April 2, 2009 at the Supernationals in Nashville! Stay tuned for more information shortly.

This project is in collaboration with World Chess Live, ICC and FIDE Trainers’ Commission. There will be 3 main levels:

* Beginner (aiming for under 1000)
* Intermediate (approximately 1000 – 1600)
* Advanced (approximately 1600 to 2200)

It will start with one weekly class per level. In addition, I will have special classes to show parents, school teachers, and new chess coaches how to help their youngsters learn and improve chess or how to introduce chess in the schools. I will also do special exclusive lectures for World Chess Live.

The special treat is I will invite many other world-class players and coaches to come on as guest lecturers.

If you have suggestions, please feel to email me at or enter your comments in the comment section on this blog.

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