Here are the stunning words from a Medical Doctor, a Chess Master and a Wonderful Chess Patron for years. I DID NOT solicite his endorsement. I did not ask him to post. In fact, I did not even contact him about the election or with any other USCF matter. His sentiment is similar to the thousands of people who wrote to me about their frustration with the destruction of the USCF by its chess politicians:

“It is important to remember what the priorities are, who the audience is and where the USCF wants to go. As a M.D., executive and chess master I have spent tens of millions of dollars building reputation, securing relationships built on integrity, grit and always trying to make good moves.

On 3 occasions I have tried to give large sums of money to better us chess. My history of philanthropy, both mine and my family include a recent 1 million dollar donation to temple kol tikvah in parkland Florida. Donations to endow chair at Brown, Cornell, providing college scholarships and endowments to hospital and psychiatric institutes. This has garner goodwill for the community and myself.

In dealing with hundreds of executives I have never seen a board so ire in petty disputes, conflict of interest and need for control. The focus must change from web site slander to action.

Susan Polgar and her team are professional, fiscally responsible, even handed and honest. How can you compare these fine people to the ones that have perpetuated petty wars for decades?

The awful experience that Mr. Andersen (founder of the AF4C, the biggest sponsor of the USCF, organizer and sponsor of a number of US Championships) had, I have now had on 3 occasions, Intel, and other corporate sponsors have endured is a shame.

In Norway, I am an honored quest; the players Carlsen, Lie in particular treat me with respect, educate me and treat me as an equal. The organizer Hans Olav in Gausdal is caring and sincere.

I return to blogs, boards, insults and deceit. Guess where my money will go. Susan can bring us all in from the cold. Out with the old in with the new! Go Susan!”

This is not the only problem. There are many other problems. But the biggest problem is the CHESS POLITICIANS JUST DO NOT GET IT! There are tens and thousands of chess players, chess parents, chess coaches, chess volunteers, chess professionals, chess sponsors, etc., who DO NOT CARE FOR THE UGLY AND DIRTY CHESS POLITICS! They care about chess, not chess politics!

Employees in Crossville are up to their necks in work. Many of them are overworked and underpaid. But they do it because they love chess and they want to help. A thank you once in a while would boost their morale so much. But instead of doing that, board members and chess politicians keep them busy with the own agenda. These same politicians are also abusing our sponsors, volunteers, supporters and even members. They spare no one. They will do whatever it takes to anyone to maintain their power and the status quo.

But if I speak up and point out the problems, I am being called negative and these people threatened to harm me, my family and even sue me. This is why one good person after another keep on leaving this federation. When will it be enough? Why do we continue to vote in some of the most unprofessional, incompetent and unqualified people to the Executive Board year after year?

There are 10 candidates in this election. 2 of them have no business running in this election or being on the board. There are 8 acceptable, good and very good candidates. Before you cast that vote, PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS and vote for the 4 who you think are most qualified, energetic, professional, experience and passionate to help the USCF!

– What have any of these candidates do for chess and the USCF in the past 4-5 years?
– What positive impact have they made for our federation?
– What is their vision for chess and the USCF? Do they even have one? Do they even care?
– Who do you want to represent chess and the USCF in front of sponsors, educators and legislators, etc?

Anyone can make false or wild promises in a campaign but few have delivered. I have been asked by chess politicians from both sides to join their chess political parties. I refused even though there are some wonderful people and even my friends. It is not personal.

I did not enter this election to be a chess politician. I entered this election to fix chess, the USCF and lead this organization into a positive direction. I want this federation to run in a professionally, efficiently and soundly. I have no party. I am Chess Mom, Chess Coach, Chess Professional, Chess Ambassador, Chess Promoter, Chess Organizer, Chess Sponsor and most of all, I AM A CHESS LOVER.

Here are some of the biggest problems with the USCF and below that are my goals for the USCF:

• Too many bad financial and business decisions
• Too many decisions made for political reasons instead of the best interests of US chess and the USCF
• Too much frivolous spending without long-term vision
• Too little effort to raise much-needed revenues to ensure the good health of this federation
• Too little focus on positive chess marketing and promotion
• Too little focus on many membership categories such as adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence, and military chess
• Too little effort to retain our memberships, especially the scholastic members
• Too little integrity, honesty, credibility and professionalism by some board members
• Too little accountability of our board members
• Too little respect for our members, affiliates, partners, supporters and sponsors
• Too little willingness to keep the USCF up with the times and too much micro-managing of the staff

Here are some of my areas of focus for the USCF if I’m elected:

• Restore respectability, integrity, credibility and professionalism to the USCF
• Reestablish a sound and balanced budget
• Develop strong cooperation and support for adult, scholastic, collegiate, correspondence, military and internet chess
• Establish a strong professional marketing and PR system
• End the petty and destructive politics

And to help me with these critical areas, I strongly recommended the following candidates who can help turn the USCF into a strong and viable organization:

• Paul Truong: He’s by far the most successful person in chess marketing, promotion, public relations, and management. Paul can bring something to this federation that no one could in the past. We badly need his expertise, energy, experience and passion for chess.

• Mikhail Korenman: He has a strong record in promoting and organizing chess events. He’s a member of the USCF Scholastic Council. He’s well respected by many people, including former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and many others. We need his experience and ability to unite all groups.

I cannot do it alone. That is why I need the most competent and qualified team to help me. Even if you disagree with me, please don’t forget to vote. The ballots will come in the June Chess Life. Changes are needed! Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to some of the best years for the USCF ahead!

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