Polgar pizzazz

Judit Polgar has been the highest rated woman for over 20 years and remains in the world’s top 100 while combining chess activity with being the mother of two children.

By Malcolm Pein
Published: 5:56PM BST 05 Jul 2010

No female player has come remotely close to challenging her. Humpy Koneru of India is second in the women’s list on 2600 and the sixteen year old Chinese prodigy Hou Yifan is third on 2577, although her progress has slowed recently.

Polgar is one of three sisters who were taught chess by their father Laszlo and all became immensely strong players. Laszlo Polgar’s guiding principle was not to let his girls play other girls. In his opinion women’s chess development was hindered by segregation.

FIDE run a world championship for women but Polgar does not bother with it and they organise a Grand Prix which she does not attend and indeed, why should she bother? In her most recent outing she crushed Czech GM David Navara in a Rapid match held at Prague. A chastened Navara responded by winning his national championship with 8.5/9 and, as reported on Saturday, catapulted himself into the world’s top 20, which is where Polgar would be if she played full time.

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