It seems that Armenia has successfully defended their 2006 Olympiad Champion title by beating China while Ukraine lost to the U.S. In the Women’s Olympiad, it seems that Georgia and Ukraine are tied for first and the U.S. is tied for 3rd with Poland. I have NO IDEA which team wins the tiebreaks. Russia inexplicably rested their #1 player Kosteniuk and they are losing to the Dutch team, thus eliminating themselves for a chance at the Bronze. I will update you as soon as I have more information.

It looks like the U.S. may tie for 3rd in both the Open and Women’s Olympiad. No one knows about the tiebreaks yet. Here is my unofficial count:

Open Olympiad: 1. Armenia 2. Israel 3.

Women’s Olympiad: 1. Ukraine (more likely to win on tiebreaks) 2. Georgia 3.

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