Wednesday 29th December 2010

Second round.

First game to end was Ivanchuk – Vallejo Pons, few moves but very intense. With white Vassily choose a strange setup, placing the Bishop on e2 and combining it with g3. This system gave Black the possibility to sacrifice a piece for two pawns and an exchange.

May be Vassily overlooked that after 10.Nxe4 (instead of 10.f3) dxe4 11.Nxg6 hxg6 12.f3 the hidden 12…Rxh2. The Ukrainian was not convinced of his position and offered draw, and the spanish GM accepted. The analisys didin’t prove who was better. Paco seems satisfied, after yesterday having some fortune and today draw with black against the top seeded. Who knows if this is his tournament?

Today Michele Godena seem calm but inside him he still felt anger for losing yesterday. After a solid opening with a slight advantage for White in a typical Scotch positions were the Italian player seems to understand well even with the Zeitnot. The knight ending looks witched: there is no win!

Also today Short gave us a brilliant game against the “rested” Morozevich, heterogenic castles are the sign of a great fight. In this game we could see again Nigel’s king walking around the board. In the analisys room full of spectators, like in the playing room, there are many
moves suggested but there is not a clear path. at the full point went to the English GM. May be the blunder was 29…d4 better was 29…Rh4. Capablanca said the good player is also lucky. Short, coming in the analysis room said “was a robe”, now he is 2 out of 2!

Gashimov-Movsesian was another dynamic position with equal chances and it finish in a draw.

Fabiano Caruana choose the Lasker Pelikan against Navara. The game was a strategical fight,were both had to played with a lot of carefulness. Fabiano enter in time pressure and the white squares slowly became weaker and weaker and the position finally collapse.

Provided by the IM Martha Fierro:

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