Melissa Morin, 17, says her high school in New Hampshire rejected her senior photograph because she was holding a red flower. The school doesn’t allow props in the photos.

I was reading this story last night and found it interesting. Sometimes rules just do not make sense and sometimes rules have to be made causing inconvenience for the majority because of a few individuals who misbehaved. The prime example is airport security because of 9/11. Here is the story, you be the judge:

Teen Can’t Hold Flower in Yearbook
Posted: 2007-09-11 18:53:33

(Sept. 11) – Roses are red, violets are blue. If you’re holding one of these, the high school yearbook won’t picture you.

A New Hampshire teenager said her yearbook has rejected her senior photograph because she was holding a red flower, and props aren’t allowed. In the photo, Melissa Morin, 17, who loves acting, is sitting on a costume trunk backstage at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. She wore a black and white sundress and clutched the flower.

The no-prop policy stemmed from a 2005 controversy in another school district where a student was upset because the yearbook wouldn’t print a photo of him posing with a gun. A judge ruled in favor of the school, but Merrimack High School officials said they didn’t want to face similar scuffles and got rid of props.

Here is the full story. You can vote on this issue by clicking here.

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