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Romanian Olympic Chess Team will not participate in the 2010 Chess Olympiad!

This is a letter by GM Dieter Liviu Nisipeanu to the Romanian Chess Federation and signed by the team members (Google translation).

The Board’s attention FRSah

Dear members of the CD,

Your attention the following problem in Olympic teams around the departure of the Romanian Chess Olympiad in 2010 in Khanty Mansiysk. As you know, after the completion of the Olympic teams, captains appointed by the Romanian Chess Federation have negotiated with the players participation fees for the Olympics. This system is practiced all over the world, except maybe Africa and the major powers of chess fees are extremely consistent.

It was jointly decided to pay 70% initially (I did not know when this percentage fee when I was guaranteed even by Mr. President, at a meeting LDNisipeanu CD) of the amount, the rest will be adjusted according to final results.

With three weeks before the Olympics, players were informed that they will receive only 50% of the amount (with a deadline of three days when I had to give the answer, because the federation can change the team in case of refusal. Although it seemed outrageous, I gave the answer in due time, in order not to confuse things even more Nisipeanu-LD) and expressed surprise when, response has been extremely tough. No excuses, no promises that the difference will be paid in the shortest time, but only accusations of lack of patriotism and threats of suspension and pathetic attempts to replace the players.

Unlike the clumsy attitude, respect and above all a special aggression, obviously most players refusing to play. We attach the message to convince President FRSAH personal truth of our words.

Unlike the above mentioned problem we want to make the following remarks:

– All signatories to this letter are grandmasters and former or current national champions in individual and team, and Dieter Nisipeanu was European champion in 2005

– All have played several fees Olympics with symbolic (and sometimes without)

– Roman elite players, not giving them anything FRSAH: paid individual participation in the European champion and World Cup participation where players can qualify 1-2

– There are plenty of paying stipends Federations 5-6 regular players of the country’s first

-In Olympic years the main objective is to participate in the Olympics and not throw money on minor actions as has happened

– Romanian chess player status is pitiful and if there would be 3-4 strong clubs we have no reliable source of subsistence

In this situation contributes FRSAH years and who, despite promises made in election, not ever find sponsors, do not advertise at all chess (the recent Super League there was no journalist or a television)

Absence is ridiculously small amount (2000 euros for the whole team!) And invoking the crisis is embarrassing. Federation probably be able to borrow from the Clubs, if the president, vice-presidents and others are so poor.

Here but not about the money, but rather the principles or the lack thereof.

There is one word, honor and above all a respect for some athletes who, through their performance on nationally and internationally, he deserves some consideration.

We must emphasize in conclusion that the accusations of lack of patriotism can be removed immediately due to individual I played so many Olympic and European championships fees symbolic (and sometimes without).

I sent this letter to justify our non-participation because no matter how we want to play, we can not descend below the minimum of dignity that we have won it in its performance.

Romanian Chess Federation, through its employees and persons “appointed” should deal with sending players to the Olympics in the best possible conditions, not with threats and ultimatums to suspend a few awkward hours.

Grandmaster Dieter Nisipeanu
Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu
Grandmaster Vladike Nevednichi
Grandmaster Mircea Parligras

And this is the letter from the Romanian Chess Federation (Google translation)

Romanian to English translation

Romanian Chess Federation letter

The components by male Olympic team,

Considering the official line of communication coming from Mr. Nano, national team captain, we consider the following:

– Request a deposit of 1000 euros per player, before departing for the Olympics, can not be honored at this level. Offer lasts federation to pay an advance of 50% of the total fee for each player, as was mandated dl.Nanu you pass;

– As of May 30, 2010 decision of the plenum CD requires any penalties (however modest), it can not be eliminated;

– Refusal to participate is not determined by reasons of force majeure, penalties associated with the return ticket will be charged the players concerned, who may enter and subject to sanctions on line sport.

Dl.Constantin Dumitriu, President FRSah, made an appeal to reason by male Olympic components of the group, assuring him of all his appreciation for their value and wishing them the same zeal to defend the colors of Romania and the upcoming Olympics.

Please let us know by e-mail, Wednesday, September 15 at 12, your decision on participation in the Olympics, the terms offered by FRSah. If so, the fee for individual contracts to be signed every player in the cantonments pre-olympic in Snagov.

Constantin Ionescu
Secretary general

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