Cuba to send its best chess players to World Olympiad in Russia
16:51, September 08, 2010

Cuba will send its top ten players to the World Chess Olympiad, scheduled from September 21 to October 11 in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, said here on Tuesday a note from the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER).

The men’s team on the island, with an average of 2,652 ELO points, will be headed by the great master Leinier Dominguez (2,716) and it is comprised also by Lazaro Bruzon (2,679), Yuniesky Quesada (2,614), Fidel Corrales (2,599), and Holden Hernandez (2,563).

For its part, the women’s team’s is conformed by Lisandra Ordaz (2,359), Oleiny Linares (2,328), Yaniet Marrero (2,324), Sulennis Pina (2,322) and Maritza Arribas (2,282).

According to preliminary inscriptions, in the men’s tournament will play 35 of the 37 chess players over the 2,700 ELO average, and the list could increase if Georgia includes Baadur Jobava (2,710) as it is expected.

The last edition of the Chess World Olympiad was in Dresden 2008, where Cubans occupied the post 23 with a sum of 25.5 points and a balance of 15 victores, 21 draws and eight defeats.

In the case of the women’s team, they finished then in the 25th place after winning 22 games, 12 draws, and 10 defeats.

According to the current rankings of the International Chess Federation, since September 1st, Cuba is leading Latin America with the places 18 and 17 for its male and female teams, respectively.


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