Best chess player of Ukraine moved to Russia but not become Russian citizen

The winner of chess competition in Spain Serhiy Kariakyn refuted mass-media reports on giving up Ukrainian citizenship and acquiring the Russian citizenship.

The reports about removal to the Russian Federation and change of nationality that appeared in mass media in spring do not correspond to reality. The young chess player claimed this in an interview with Krymskoe vremya newspaper.

“To date I am a citizen of Ukraine. Moreover, I am not going to change the nationality. I love my motherland”, Kariakyn claimed.

According to the grand master, he never gave any interviews about the change of nationality, Novyi region reports. “Probably, somebody wanted me to stop be Ukrainian”, he noted.

Kariakyn has to train with the Russian grand master Yuri Dokhoyan in Moscow who worked with Garry Kasparov because there is no strong coach in Crimea.


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