Good silver for Davy 

Published: Friday | October 19, 2012

Following a positive experience in the World Chess Olympiad that finished last month in Turkey, national champion and Jamaica’s newest fide candidate master (FCM), Damion Davy, performed well again on national duties this month.

FCM Davy, a University of the West Indies actuarial sciences student, earned a silver medal at the UMADA Regional Chess Championships. The UMADA tournament is held annually in the region and this year was in Paramaribo, Suriname, from October 2-8.

On his road to this silver medal at the tournament, FCM Davy ploughed through noteworthy regional opponents like Fide Master Dewperkash Galadin of Suriname and former national champion of Trinidad, Marcus Joseph. These victories were in the first two rounds.

Trinidadian National Champion FM Ryan Harper stopped FCM Davy’s march in the third round in a hard-fought match. As the rounds continued, FCM Davy rebounded from his loss to FM Harper, and going into the second-to-last round, he was tied with Harper on 6.5 points.

However, the results in the final round were not as FM Davy would have wanted as he drew with Candidate Master Suradj Hanoeman from Suriname. FM Harper, in his final game, defeated Suriname’s Galadin to win the UMADA title for 2012.

Last year, FCM Davy played in the UMADA tournament which was held in Barbados. He was, however, playing in a lower-rated section known as the challengers cup and he won then. This year, he stepped up to the Open section. 

Upcoming tournaments 

Jamaica Open: Negril Escape Resort, Westmoreland, November 17-18.

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Claire Clarke is a former women’s national champion, three-time Jamaica Women’s team Chess Olympiad representative, trained journalist and editor.


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