Special Announcement for St. Cloud State University

Simultaneous Chess Exhibition
Math Day, April 3rd!
St Cloud State University (Minnesota)

Atwood Center, Lady’s Slipper Room
10:45 am

Everyone is welcome to participate or watch, as space permits. There is room for 50 players. Math contest students get first chance at participation, although there will be room for others to play as well. Come to this event and bring your friends!

Prizes will be given to all participants. Dr. Ray Bagley of the computer science department will play 50+ chess players at the same time in this exhibition. Come join in this exciting event. Extra prizes are awarded to players that submit the moves of their games. Chess game record sheets will be available.

Professional quality chess sets will be provided for use during this event. News coverage and pictures will be taken at this exciting event.

Math Day, Thursday, April 3, 2008, 10:45am

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