In addition to the SPICE Cup A and B group, there were also about 40 players participating in the SPICE Cup Scholastic, and another 8 players in 2 quads.

Set 1 (more than 30 pictures):
Set 2 (more than 35 pictures):

A group

GM Akobian 1/2 GM Mamedov
GM Andreikin 1/2 GM Hammer
GM So 1/2 GM Kuzubov

B group

GM Bhat 1/2 IM Kuljasevic
IM Finegold 1-0 IM Ippolito
IM Robson 1/2 GM Perelshteyn
IM Papp 1/2 FM Rensch
IM Antal 1-0 GM Diamant

The game between Finegold and Ippolito was very intense. Near the end of the game, both players were playing with only increments. On some moves, the players were down to 1 or 2 seconds. Dean fought valliantly to hold on but it was not meant to be.

In the game between Antal and Diamant ended with Diamant losing on time. also has the games and discussion about both A and B group.

Here is the discussion and games of the A group:
Here is the discussion and games of the B group:

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