Round 1 (2 pm Central time)

LIVE games can be viewed at or on the bottom of this page. also has LIVE commentary of the So – Kuzubov game here:

A group

GM Akobian (2008 SPICE Cup C0-Champ) 1/2 GM Mamedov
GM Andreikin 1/2 GM Hammer
GM So 1/2 GM Kuzubov

B group

GM Bhat 1/2 IM Kuljasevic
IM Finegold – IM Ippolito
IM Robson 1/2 GM Perelshteyn (2007 SPICE Cup Champ)
IM Papp 1/2 FM Rensch
IM Antal 1-0 GM Diamant

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