Strong rapid chess in Nancy

An exceptional rapid event is going to take place in Nancy, France, with 18 of the top world Grandmasters, including the French starts GM Etienne Bacrot, GM Maxime-Vachier Lagrave, GM Laurent Fressinet, GM Sebastien Feller, GM Vladislav Tkachiev, the German N1 GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Istratescu, GM Gharamian, GM Ulf Andersson, GM Agrest, GM Anthony Wirig, IM Ekrem Cerko, GM Nikolic, GM Brasov, IM Almira Skripchenko, IM Sophie Milliet, and a total of 200 players, 50 of which titled.

The tournament is organized by IM Christophe Philippe and the association “Chess 54″. The competition takes place 28th and 29th of April, as the second day is the final for which only 7 players qualify. Saturday games are played from 14:00 to 20:00, on Sunday the Quarter finals are at 10:00, the semi finals at 14:00, and the final at 16:00.

Registration is still open via email to philippe.chr @ stating: Name, phone, email, club, Elo FIDE code or FFE. Official website

Participants (top seeds)

Nr Nom Rapid rating Fede Club
1 g VACHIER-LAGRAVE Maxime 2840 F FRA Clichy-Echecs-92
2 g ISTRATESCU Andrei 2820 F FRA Marseille Echecs
3 g FRESSINET Laurent 2750 F FRA Clichy-Echecs-92
4 g BACROT Etienne 2740 F FRA Marseille Echecs
5 g GHARAMIAN Tigran 2740 F FRA L’Echiquier Deauvillais
6 m BATTAGLINI Gabriel 2730 F FRA L’Echiquier Deauvillais
7 g NAIDITSCH Arkadij 2720 F GER Marseille Echecs
8 g NIKOLIC Predrag 2670 F BIH Echiquier Niçois
9 g BARSOV Alexei 2630 F UZB L’Echiquier Chalonnais
10 g SHCHEKACHEV Andrei 2620 F FRA Grand Echiquier de Meaux
11 g FELLER Sebastien 2590 F FRA Evry Grand Roque
12 g FEDORCHUK Sergey A. 2590 F UKR Evry Grand Roque
13 f IDER Borya 2570 F FRA Mulhouse Philidor
14 g TKACHIEV Vladislav 2570 F FRA Evry Grand Roque
15 g ANDERSSON Ulf 2540 F SWE C.E.M.C. Monaco
16 g JANKOVIC Alojzije 2540 F CRO
17 g AGREST Evgenij 2540 F SWE Echiquier Niçois
18 g WIRIG Anthony 2530 F FRA Lutèce Echecs
19 m MONROY Charles 2500 F FRA Rennes Paul Bert
20 f DONCHENKO Alexander 2500 F GER Vandoeuvre-Echecs
21 g SANIKIDZE Tornike 2490 F GEO C.E. Strasbourg
22 m MILLIET Sophie 2470 F FRA Evry Grand Roque
23 m CEKRO Ekrem 2450 F BEL Club d’Echecs Metz Fischer
24 m SKRIPCHENKO Almira 2450 F FRA Clichy-Echecs-92
25 MAYER Philippe 2430 F FRA Sporting Cheminot Pratique Omnisport
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