Sunset Bay Academy Students to Compete in First-Ever Chess Tournament
Skills learned from popular game are integrated into everyday life for teens

Rosarito, Mexico (PRWEB) September 17, 2009 — Just 20 miles from the California border, students at Sunset Bay Academy, a group home for troubled teens, are preparing for their first-ever chess tournament that will take place on campus with non-students as well. While many teenagers stereotypically see the game of chess as “boring” SBA students have found that the game is not only exciting, but it offers them tools that they can use in their daily life as well.

When chess classes were first offered at Sunset Bay Academy, it was evident that the students were quickly taking a keen interest in the game as they were being taught by Chess Master Obed Sánchez Reyes. The game of chess proves to be a healthy game for these teens because it helps develop many skills and mental abilities that are essential for success not only in the game, but also throughout life. Some of these skills include problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and more.

Staff members as well as students are looking forward to the tournament, which will bring students and non-students together, many of which may have otherwise felt “left out” or “unimportant” during other social activities. Giving students an opportunity to develop character, strengthen inner confidence, and a chance to find themselves is much of what the tournament and the game is about for the students at Sunset Bay Academy. The program director of the Academy states, “I have already seen chess help the teens develop character, which has assisted them in their daily life and activities here at SBA. I feel that chess is a self-motivating sport that allows the teens to develop a higher self-esteem and self-worth”.

Chess Master Obed Sánchez Reyes explains, “Bobby Fisher says ‘Life is a form of Chess’; I really do think that Chess represents life, its organization and alternative solutions. The young men and women at Sunset Bay Academy have demonstrated that they are playing at this moment an important game in their life, chess has taught them that there are defeats and triumphs, to be tolerant, creative and above all to always give it their best”.

Similar to the game of chess, Sunset Bay Academy offers many opportunities for students to grow and excel, providing the tools and skills that are needed to be successful throughout their entire lives. The primary focus of SBA is to offer new and exciting things to the students in order for them to live a happy, meaningful, and successful life.

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