There often been a number of questions about my blog. Here is the answer, again. All you have to do is read the top of my blog.

Welcome! This site is where I provide chess enthusiasts with updates on my activities, (my) interests and important chess news from around the world. Everyone can productively discuss or ask questions about various chess issues! Your contributions & comments are welcome! PLEASE KEEP IT CIVIL & RESPECT OTHERS! All posts in this blog are the opinions of the authors and not this blog.

I cannot please everyone with this blog and I blog what I think is interesting. You can nicely make suggestions or recommendations to enhance this blog. I appreciate the suggestions and I do adapt many of the good suggestions. However, I will not tolerate rudeness. All obnoxious posts will be deleted by the moderator police immediately as there are a number of readers under the age of 16.

If you want a site with serious chess analysis, I recommend with GM Baburin (paid subscription). If you interested in unique tidbits or colorful “debates”, I recommend Mig’s site. If you are interested in full featured articles and game analysis, I recommend ChessBase, Europe Echecs (French), etc. If you want a site to download all the latest games, I recommend TWIC. If you are looking a good chess forums, I recommend and There are also many other good sites such as ChessVibes, Dennis’ Blog, ChessDom, CLO, Russian Chess, etc. Sorry I left out other good sites. This is not intentional.

Chess enthusiasts are lucky to have so many good sites to go to. No need to be negative daily. If you think you can do better, it is easy to start your own blog and share with others. Enjoy!

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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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