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Today is the beginning of the Dortmund super tournament. The Dortmunder Sparkassen Chess event is taking place at the State Theatre (Schauspielhaus) in Dortmund, Germany, from July 29th to August 6, 2006.

The format is a single round robin tournament with eight players. The average ELO is 2720 and which makes it a category 19 event.

Here are the results of round 1:

Adams – Aronian 1/2
Jobava – Svidler 0-1
Leko – Naiditsch 1-0
Gelfand – Kramnik 1/2

There is also a match between German’s top female player IM Elizabeth Pahtz (Women’s World Chess Cup Runner Up) and American Star IM Irina Krush. The first game is a draw.

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