The final statistics:

Number of states won by Polgar: 48 / 51 (including Washington, DC)

Percentage of states won by Polgar: Over 90% of the states (94.11%)

Number of regions won by Polgar: 1st in all 12 regions (100%)

Official break down by region:

Final Count:

Polgar 3004
Bauer 2325
Truong 2056
Berry 2026

Jones 1774
Korenman 1648
Schultz 1580
Lux 1231
Sloan 677
Goodall 482

Polgar, Bauer and Truong have been elected to four year terms on the Executive Board by the USCF voting members while Berry has been elected to complete the remaining two years of Robert Tanner’s term. These results will be submitted to the Delegates for ratification on Saturday, August 4th.


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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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