I remember how the Knights move just in time!

I scored 5-0 with the White pieces. I won 2 games with Black and drew 4.

Final score: 7 wins – 4 draws – 0 loss = 9/11

The strategy was to make it through the group into the knockout stage. Therefore, after I won my first game, I made sure to play safe in the next 2 games to conserve energy since I have to play 11 games in 2 days.

In the round of 16, I defeated WIM Macek of Croatia 2-0.

In the quarterfinal, I defeated WGM Ushenina of the Ukraine 2-0.

In the semifinal, I defeated WGM Lujan of Argentina 1.5 – .5. Both Lujan and Ushenina are very tough rapid players.

In the final, I defeated IM Pahtz, a player who was on a hot streak. The score was also 1.5 – .5.
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