Illusion show and «Siberia Brass» at the Opening Ceremony of the Women’s World Chess Championship


An unique sports event of international scale – Women’s World Chess Championship starts on 10th of November in Khanty-Mansiysk.
The main idea of the Opening Ceremony, which will take place in the Concert and theater Center «Ugra-Classic», will be involvement of all spectators in the mysterious world of the chess space. This is facilitated by the large-scale figures of the “chess city”, located in the lobby of the Center, historical exhibition “The Queen”, and also the traditional chess club of “Great combinations.”
According to the chief director of the Opening Ceremony Inna Golysheva, the organizers will have an interesting mission: not just to tell about the chess world, but to make so that every guest has become the part of the created space chess:

“We want to convey the intensity of emotions, which is presented in every game, to show that for a women- chess players it is not just a game, but the art, time, step into the future, and passion.”
By the way, the main intrigue of the thematic performance of the Opening Ceremony will be the fight of two queens: black and white. Which of them will succeed in winning, the spectator can learn at the end of the Ceremony.
The ensemble of wind instruments «Siberia Brass», the famous illusionist Evgeniy Kaverzin, bayanist Dmitry Zhdanov, saxophonist Aleksey Peresidly and also the group «AngeliQuie and The Band», dance theater «Ugra-Classic» and pop dance theater «Show-tiny tot» are going to amaze the audience this time.
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