Kasparov, protege perfectly paired
Saturday, October 10, 2009 3:24 AM

It has been eight months since Garry Kasparov — who retired as a player in 2005 — began coaching Norwegian phenom Magnus Carlsen.

Their relationship is unique in the history of chess. Carlsen, ranked No. 4 in the world, was already a likely candidate to become No. 1.

At 18, he seems remarkably mature. Calm and steady, he approaches his losses and mistakes with unusual objectivity and even humor.

Kasparov, an extraordinary scholar of the game as well as arguably the strongest player ever, would seem to be an ideal trainer.

Their mutual respect isn’t surprising.

Kasparov, Carlsen says, “has an extreme capacity to work, extreme determination to win and extreme perfectionism.”

Kasparov, on the other hand, finds in the prodigy “many of the qualities of the great champions” — especially the temperament of “a winner.”

Will teacher and protege ultimately achieve a winning chemistry?

Kasparov might find an inspiring paradigm in his decades of interaction with his mother, Klara — in many respects, his foremost mentor and supporter.

Source: http://dispatch.com

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