8 things to do in Khanty-Mansiysk
September 21, 2016

Many participants and accompanying persons coming to the capital of Ugra for international tournaments are asking the same questions: how to spend their free time, what places to visit and what events to attend?  The capital of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region (also known as Ugra) has many interesting places to see, and is also famous for its convenient infrastructure and beautiful nature.

Here are 8 things to do in Khanty-Mansiysk we propose for the participants of the tournament and other visitors of Ugra capital.

1) Mammoths are a visit card of Khanty-Mansiysk. The complex consisting of sculptural reconstructions of large mammals that lived in West Siberia in the glacier epoch was erected on an artificial platform, the Samarov Hill reinforcement. The figures of the extinct animals such as mammoths, wild oxen, woolly rhinoceroses, wolves and cave bears are made in bronze. The visitors can also see the dwellings of a cave man, etc. All these animals were living on Ugra territory 70 to 10 thousands years ago and were the representatives of the Pleistocene.

2) Not far from the bronze mammoths there is another place where these huge animals are dwelling – The Ice Palace. The Youth ice-hockey club “Mamonty Ugry” (“The Mammoths of Ugra”) has its home arena in the Ice Palace. During the World Youth Championships the young mammoths will have 4 home games: on September 26th and 27th at 17:00 (local time) they will play against “Irbis” from Kazan and on September 30th at 16:00 and October 1st at 12:00 against “Ladya” from Togliatti.

Address: Ledovaya street, 1а

3) Still here, in the Ice Palace the fans of winter sports and ice-skating will be able to use ice-skating rink with skate rental. The rental works on weekends. The cost of the rent is 300 rubles per hour for one pair.

Address: Ledovaya street, 1а

4) Every day from 10:00 till 22:00 the indoor water park is open for everybody in the Ice Palace building. To swim in two water pools and to have rest in hammam will cost you from 160 rubles per hour depending on the time of your visit.

Address: Ledovaya street, 1а

5) As you’ve probably realized Khanty-Mansiysk is a sport city in which many competitions and sport events are conducted all the time. On September 25 at 12:40 the Alexander Filipenko Winter Sports Center will host the All-Russian running festival “The cross-country race of the nation”. Around 3 000 people will run 1500 distance together. To participate in the race you need to register on web-site (only Russian version is available) or contact the organizing committee of the tournament.

Address: Sportivnaya street, 24

6) Aside from sport events Khanty-Mansiysk has many museums and theaters. The museum of Nature and Man has a unique collection of exhibit items. It is open from Wednesday till Sunday from 11:00 till 19:00. Here you can learn a lot of things about the history of Ugra, the traditions of khanti and mansi people, the mythology of this land and its fauna. The cost of tickets starts from 50 rubles depending on the number of exhibits you want to visit. Entrance for children under 16 is free of charge.

Address: Mira street, 11

7) The name of the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum «Torum Maa» is translated from Mansi language as “The sacred land”. The ethnographic museum represents an accurate reconstruction of everyday life of indigenous peoples. It includes more than 3000 exhibition items characterizing customs and habits of indigenous peoples. The museum opens at 11:00 and works till 19:00.

Address: Sobyanina street, 1

8) Want to get some energy and to stay fit? The “Olympiyskaya” hotel has a gym for those who like to do workouts even during the tournaments. One visit will cost you 100 rubles.

Address: Engelsa street, 45

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