GM Peter Svidler answers your questions: Part I
By mishanp on December 2, 2010

Peter Svidler didn’t disappoint! The first instalment of his answers to reader questions bears all the hallmarks of his wit and self-deprecating humour. The Russian super-grandmaster talks about his career, chess colleagues, Carlsen’s withdrawal, chess literature… and much much more.

This was the first Crestbook “KC-Conference” to take questions not only in Russian, at the KasparovChess forum, but also in English, here at Chess in Translation (if you don’t see your question yet, it’ll feature in Part II!).

Peter Svidler, totally at home in both a Russian and an English environment, was in many ways the perfect guinea pig. He decided to answer the English questions in his own almost flawless English, though actually flawless doesn’t do justice to his style.

…ProstoTak: Hello, Peter. Are you really friends with Vladimir Kramnik? Tell us a little about your relationship away from the chessboard. Thanks.

We’ve got a good friendly relationship – previously we’d see each other more often, but even now we enjoy spending time together to discuss my latest chess mistakes.

…Herb White: What is more significant, in your opinion, holding the World Championship Title, or currently being rated Number 1 on various rating lists?

This seems Magnus-related, and as such, will be covered elsewhere – but for me the Title would be immeasurably more important.

Here is the full scoop.

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