Google: The $1.65 Billion Was Worth It
By: Robert Scoble

Ahh, now you all understand what I meant when I said YouTube is a moat, not a revenue generator.

By putting YouTube results into Google’s main engine Google ensures it will have better searches than Yahoo and Microsoft (who were, truth be told, getting damn close to matching Google’s quality). And it does it in a way that Yahoo and Microsoft will not be willing to match.

….Google just put Microsoft’s Internet strategy in a box. It also explains why Microsoft has put so much effort into Silverlight lately (they need that to build a platform to get out of the box) and, might even explain why the lawyers are sabre rattling about open source. The execs at Microsoft don’t like being put into boxes. That isn’t a place they’ve ever been before.

If Google were playing chess I think they just said “check.”

And you wonder why the rest of the industry is talking about FOG (Fear of Google)? Exactly.

Here is the full story. Do you believe in thinking outside of the box?

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