2nd TMCC Scholastic results:

Scott Drier after taking the first round bye dominates the 2nd TMCC Scholastic Chess (tournament of champions) besting 13 other kids with 4.5 pts. out of possible 5 points.

Here is our next tournament:

3rd TMCC Scholastic Chess Championship (Tournament of Champions) March 1, 2008 (USCF rated) Touch Move Chess Center, 5 rds.

Swiss system, Game / 30 min. Limited to 28 players, K-2 through K-8 Scholastic players, with 500 minimum rating points. Must register before February 29, 2008.

Register at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/88245946

Or send your check to Angelo Young (TD) 5639 N. Ashland Chicago IL 60660 (773) 627-2759.

No on-site registration.

Round start: 10 am, 11 am
12 :00 pm – 12:30 lunch break
Rd.3 at 12:30 pm and each round thereafter.

Entry fee is $30/per player. Bring your chess clock, boards and sets are provided,. Tmchesscenter@hotmail.com

Prizes are as follows: 1st Trophy + Digital Chess Clock, 2nd Trophy + Digital Chess Clock, 3rd Trophy + Digital Chess Clock, 4th Trophy + Chess Book, 5th Trophy + Chess Book, TMCC medals to the rest of participants http://www.tmchesscenter.com/

Monthly winner will be seeded to December Final (Tournament of Champions)

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