Undisputed at Last
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When Garry Kasparov decided to bolt from FIDE and play a world championship match against Nigel Short under the auspices of the Professional Chess Association in 1993, the world championship crown became divided.

Then when Topalov won the FIDE World Championship tournament in San Luis in 2005, some chess fans did not recognize his title because Kramnik did not participate. Kramnik subsequently defeated Topalov in Elista in 2006, but the toiletgate scandal marred the results.

Anand won the Mexico City World Championship last year; a tournament that did include Kramnik, yet some die-hard critics still disputed the result because it was not from match play.

Now that Anand has defeated Kramnik in a head-to-head match, the title is no longer in dispute. Anand, the tiger from Madras, became the only world champion to win the title in three different formats: Knockout, Tournament, and Match.

Coming into this match, most chess polls showed a slight edge to Anand to win the match by one point.

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